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Biochar Revolution

The Biochar Revolution

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Product Description

The Biochar Revolution
Transforming Agriculture & Environment

A friendly, informative, inspiring and break-through reference guide for anyone interested in biochar or concerned about environmental issues.

This book has contributions from 18 biochar experts and authors.

You’ll Discover

Ancient Solutions to Modern Problems:

  1. How to Produce Biochar
  2. How to Test and Use Biochar
  3. How to Change the World with Biochar
  4. The Financial Benefits of Biochar
  5. How to Garden and Farm with Biochar

Who should read this book?

  • Gardeners, biochar enthusiasts, small property owners, community gardeners, small and large farmers, sugar cane farmers
  • People who want to do something about climate change
  • Waste management districts, foresters, councils, government agencies
  • Policy makers in Australia, NZ, US, UK, and other developed and undeveloped countries


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