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Pure Biochar (140 lbs)


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Product Description

 When Adding to Compost (Recommended)

Biochar needs to be inoculated before it is used. That’s why we recommend mixing it with compost and letting it cure for at least 2 weeks. Then it can be mixed into the soil in the same way our Ancient Elements Soil Amendment is used.

 When Adding to Soil

1. Add 1-1.5 inches of biochar to the soil.
2. Cover the Biochar with as much if not more high quality compost and water well. This step will allow the water to run through the compost to form a compost tea that can be absorbed by the Biochar, thereby ‘charging’ it.
3. Work the compost and biochar into the top 10 or so inches of soil and water well.
4. Allow the soil to come to equilibrium for two weeks, continuing to water regularly.
5. Hold off on watering until the soil feels just moist, not wet or dry.
6. You are now ready to plant, following specific package or plant tag instructions.

Additional Information

Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 41.5 x 29.25 x 26.5 in