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Interra Preta Biochar

Interra Preta Biochar

100% Pure Biochar

This is raw biochar and must be used with care. See the instructions below on how we recommend using it.
  • Pure Biochar (2 cu. ft.)

    Biochar Soil Amendment
  • Pure Biochar (50 lbs)

    Biochar Soil Amendment
  • Pure Biochar (100 lbs)

    Biochar Soil Amendment
  • Pure Biochar (140 lbs)

    Biochar Soil Amendment


Biochar is the secret to the famously fertile soils of the Amazon. It was discovered some time ago that the Amazon soils were so ripe for planting because of the large concentration of biochar. Biochar has since been researched heavily and proven to increase plant growth and crop yields while at the same time making the soil more healthy.

In the earth, biochar acts like a sponge, holding more water for the plants roots and allowing more microorganisms to thrive. This is how biochar makes your soil come alive! On top of that, biochar is a carbon negative product, which means that by using it in the soil you are helping to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the air. Grow more food to feed yourself, while cleaning up the earth and air around you. Now that’s something to feel good about!

Thank you for choosing carbon negative soils. We appreciate your continued support and please let us know if we can do anything to improve your experience.

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When Adding to Compost (recommended)

Biochar needs to be inoculated before it is used. That’s why we recommend mixing it with compost and letting it cure for at least 2 weeks. Then it can be mixed into the soil in the same way our Ancient Elements Soil Amendment is used.

When Adding to Soil

1. Add 1-1.5 inches of biochar to the soil.
2. Cover the Biochar with as much if not more high quality compost and water well. This step will allow the water to run through the compost to form a compost tea that can be absorbed by the Biochar, thereby ‘charging’ it.
3. Work the compost and biochar into the top 10 or so inches of soil and water well.
4. Allow the soil to come to equilibrium for two weeks, continuing to water regularly.
5. Hold off on watering until the soil feels just moist, not wet or dry.
6. You are now ready to plant, following specific package or plant tag instructions.

All natural and organic BIOCHAR

Can be used in certified organic products and farming!
Our biochar is made entirely out of natural wood that some might consider “waste”. However, there is no such thing as waste in nature. Our biochar is derived from discarded wood that was not grown for this purpose, unlike some energy crops and trees that are grown elsewhere only to be used as fuel. If it wasn’t made into biochar, the wood would have rotted and released all its carbon and methane into the atmosphere. We do everything we can to be more sustainable and leave a positive impact on the earth. By using Interra Preta™ products, you can too!


Full Analysis Performed by a California Approved Laboratory
Bulk Density (Dry) – 250-275 lbs/cu yd
Total Ash (Dry) – 3.9%
Organic Carbon (Dry) – 90.8%
Inorganic Carbon (Dry) – .15%

Benefits of using Interra Preta™ Biochar

– Retain more soil nutrients
– More beneficial soil microbes
– Hold more water for better access by roots
– Break up compacted soils like clay
– Sequester carbon for centuries
– Probable reduced emissions of nitrous oxide & methane
– Build vigorous soil environment
– Reduce leaching of nitrogen into ground water
– Increase cation-exchange capacity resulting in improved soil fertility
– Moderate soil acidity

Biochar Enhanced Soil Questions

1) What is biochar made of?
Biochar can be made from almost any biomass product like landscape trimmings, forest residues and even walnut shells. The biochar used in Interra Preta™ comes from wood waste that would have otherwise rotted or been burned, having no valuable end use. Making waste biomass into biochar is a much better option for you and your garden as well as the environment.
2) How is biochar made?
We highly recommend watching the video on our biochar information page about the creation and use of biochar. Basically, biochar is a form of green charcoal made from biomass products like landscape trimmings, forest residues or even walnut shells. It is made through a process called pyrolysis, which is the heating of wood, or something similar, in the absence of oxygen. This process releases a biogas from the wood leaving the wood as a carbon skeleton of its former self, aka biochar. Once built, our patent pending pyrolysis technology will use this biogas to make electricity, powering our process and the surrounding neighborhood. Check out our technology page for more information on our clean technology. General FAQ PAGE.