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How Carbon Resets™ Work

Carbon Offsets Compared to Carbon Resets™

Biochar Carbon Resets™ take carbon offsets one step further by also drawing down carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in biochar. You can use carbon resets to offset your carbon footprint and reset carbon back into the earth.

Standard Offset = avoided emissions versus the status quo (typically carbon-positive fossil energy)

Carbon Reset™ = avoided emissions (offset) + carbon stabilization in biochar

Interra’s emission reduction estimates have been prepared and calculated by Carbon Consulting LLC (www.carbonconsulting.us), and with the support of www.BiocharProtocol.org we have prepared a transparent and rigorous methodology to account for the Carbon Resets™ we produce. You can read this here. Once completed our project will be third-party validated and all Carbon Resets™ will be third-party verified.

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