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About Us

Company Summary

As a start-up company with a vision to the future, we are committed to reversing the damage that climate change has caused the Earth.  We are Interra Energy and are currently developing the world’s most innovative biochar and renewable energy production facility that will provide a sustainable solution for waste management, support an agricultural revolution of locally-sourced and abundant food, and alter the future of climate change.


Meet the team and find out more about who is behind the creation of the Interra Energy Forge™.
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Accolades and Achievements

Check out what we have accomplished to date.
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Better Than Just Sustainable

Find out why our vision is so revolutionary and why we’re more than just a biotech company.
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Company History

Learn about Interra Energy’s roots and discover the past, the present, and the future as we see it.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of intriguing but common questions around the office from inspired people like yourself.  This might clear some of those up for you.
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