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Interra featured in Biofuels Digest

This week there is a great write up in Biofuels Digest about Interra Energy and the biochar market. “‘As long as biochar hits quality metrics, we are going to be able to manufacture at a price much lower than competitors,’ said Interra CFO Kenny Key, in an interview with The Digest. ‘At a commercial price of $600-800 per ton, there would be movement from the major agricultural players, Right now the larger ventures are selling at around $1200, and some over $1500 per ton, and it’s difficult for large-scale agriculture to get behind biochar at that price.'”

Interra continues to push forward to commercializing its technology by 2018. Read more here – http://www.biofuelsdigest.com/bdigest/2017/05/14/interra-and-the-pursuit-of-soil-magic-via-affordable-biochar/