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Kenny Key (VP, General Counsel) selected as a finalist for the 2014 Power of Attorneys

Interra would like to congratulate Kenny Key for his selection as a finalist for the 2014 Power of Attorneys honor by the San Diego Daily Transcript.

From the article:

Although Kenny Key’s career as a general counsel is in its infancy, his contribution to the renewable energy industry and sustainability in San Diego has been immense. Key began his legal career as a corporate counsel with Interra Energy Inc., a San Diego-based company focused on research and development of a novel clean thermal biomass conversion system. The company’s core technology will convert waste biomass into renewable bioenergy/biofuel and a sustainable agricultural supplement, biochar. Key was initially interested in the company due to his environment and energy background, and the technology’s ability to combat climate change by storing carbon in biochar — thus taking it out of the natural carbon life cycle. 

Key brings a passion for renewable energy development, business acumen and steadfast leadership to Interra. His role at Interra has been fluid, as most startups require general counsels to wear many hats. He was integral in the effort to secure a grant from the California Energy Commission that enabled the young company to get the critical funding to build and test the first commercially sized version of the technology. He has worked with local companies, agencies and universities to secure contracts to enable the company to quickly transition from testing to commercialization. As the company continues to grow, Key will be a growing force in the energy community in San Diego….read more.