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Interra Preta Biochar in Stores Now

Interra Preta Biochar in Stores Now

Carbon Negative Gardening Options Now Available in Stores

Interra Energy’s line of biochar enriched soil products are now in store. Mission Hills Nursery in San Diego will now be stocking Interra Preta Potting Soil and Interra Preta Soil Amendment. Get your hands on carbon negative gardening products today!


PRLog (Press Release) – Aug 29, 2012 – Interra Energy is excited to announce the launch of its new carbon negative product line. You can now purchase biochar enriched potting soil and biochar enriched soil amendment products. These products appeal to the environmentally conscious gardener. Help to fight climate change by putting carbon back where it belongs – in the ground! Biochar effectively sequesters a portion of the carbon content permanently in the soil. Biochar also improves your garden by increasing the nutrient and water retention of the soil.

We are also very excited to announce that Interra Preta Biochar is now being sold at Mission Hills Nursery in San Diego! Mission Hills Nursery (http://www.missionhillsnursery.com) is the oldest nursery in San Diego and a strong supporter of organic and innovative gardening techniques and products. Currently they are stocking our Biochar Enriched Soil Amendment product and the new and improved Biochar Enriched Potting Soil mixture. Be sure to visit Mission Hills Nursery if you are in the San Diego area or we can ship to you if you shop directly from our online BIOCHAR STORE at http://interraenergy.us/interra-preta-biochar-soil-store/ ! If your local nursery or garden center does not carry Interra Preta Biochar ask them to contact us to help us expand our reach.

Spread the word that together we are improving the world’s soil one bag of biochar at a time!

About Interra Preta:
Interra Energy launched its first product line last June just on time for Father’s Day. Named after the Amazonian dark earth, Interra Preta™ Ancient Elements products are made to replicate the quality and productivity of the famous Amazonian soils. Interra Preta’s Ancient Elements products will not only improve soil health and yield a more bountiful harvest, but will help the climate by storing a small chunk of carbon in one’s backyard soil for centuries. Whether planting seeds in a pot, invigorating tired soil in one’s yard, or just wanting to give a boost to an existing garden, amateur and expert gardeners alike can now grow with the virtues of Terra Preta. To learn more, see Interra’s biochar page (http://interraenergy.us/biochar/). First available on Interra’s website, Mission Hill Nursery in San Diego is now carrying Interra Preta Soil Amendment and Potting Soil. More recently Pure Biochar has also been made available through Interra’s Website from small (2 cu. ft.) to large quantities (140 lbs or more) making it possible for biochar enthusiasts to make their own experiments.

About Interra Energy:
Interra Energy is a development-stage company engaged in the design, manufacture, sales, marketing and deployment of biochar and a power production system called the Interra Energy Forge™. This system is a 2nd generation carbonization and energy hybrid technology that converts yard waste and other clean biomass wastes into agricultural biochar and clean energy.

Biochar represents one of the most promising tools for mitigating climate change and reversing the loss of the arable land currently feeding our growing populations. Interra Energy is positioned to be a leader in this promising field.

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