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Carbon Negative Gardening

Interra Preta



Reduce, Reuse, Reset!




Clean Biomass Conversion




  • Food – integrate biochar into sustainable agriculture practices to grow more food with less resources
  • Energy – displace fossil fuel use with renewable energy from the Interra technology
  • Future – reset the carbon emission of industrial society through clean energy processes and carbon sequestration in biochar

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The Current Problem and Interra’s Solution

[blockquote type="blockquote_quotes" width="full" align="Right"]Interra’s work and challenge is to bring the Earth back into balance by enabling communities to power their economies with clean energy while growing abundant, nutritious food with biochar enriched soil.[/blockquote] –Thomas Del Monte, President

The United States faces growing concerns over the effects of climate change and inability of existing waste processing technologies to optimally process organic waste resources. Interra has designed and constructed a patented solution that is deployable at sites throughout the country that will reduce the impact of climate change, via carbon sequestration in biochar and the production of low emission renewable biogas, in addition to efficiently processing organic waste resources into their highest value products.



Interra’s technology is a clean thermal biomass conversion system that converts biomass (e.g. landscape trimmings, timber residues, construction wood waste, and clean green waste) into high-methane biogas, readily convertible to renewable baseload electricity or biofuels, and into a high-value agricultural soil enhancer called biochar. Environmental and societal benefits aside, consider that comparing to traditional gasification systems of similar scale (four tons/hour), Interra’s system is approximately 1/3 the capital to build and has the potential to produce 3 to 24x the operational profit.



Business Strategy/Competitive Advantages

Interra has two main competitive advantages over existing technologies in the bioenergy sector.

  1. First, due to the technology’s patented (U.S. and International) design, Interra can increase the tons-per-day throughput, gas quality output, and biochar yield while decreasing the capital cost compared to existing technologies.
  2. Second, the technology produces two saleable products that do not require expensive upgrading equipment prior to their end use. Revenues from the dual co-products of biochar and bioenergy/biofuel are diversified and can cross-subsidize each other.

These advantages will allow for a sustainable competitive advantage and position Interra for rapid growth. The biochar market is poised for tremendous growth and the bioenergy/biofuel sector is a billion dollar industry waiting for efficient and economical technology solutions.

Business Model



  • Awarded $2M in grant funding from the California Energy Commission (CEC) – 2015
  • Selected as a presenting company at the 2014 NREL Industry Growth Forum
  • Secured site for pilot facility operations, feedstock supplier, & local welding/construction team
  • Awarded $815K in grant funding from the California Energy Commission (CEC) – 2013
  • Patent on the core technology granted by the USPTO & published by the International PCT
  • Awarded a highly coveted placement with San Diego State University’s Jobs Innovation and Accelerator Challenge as part of SDSU’s Center for Energy Sustainability

External Validation

Interra Energy is please to have received validation in the form of government grant award funding and university support.